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Al- Kasaba International Film Festival

From Ramallah to the World without Checkpoints
65 Films
106 Screenings in Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, France, Germany
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Starting 9th, till the 21st of November 2006, Al- Kasaba Theatre & Cinematheque in Ramallah organizes Al- Kasaba International Film Festival in its first session. The film festival will handle various aspects as follows:

  • Panorama: 25 films from Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen, Iraq, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Turkey and Brazil, produced in the latest years, are going to be screened. Within the most important films selected, in this regard, is Dunia for the Lebanese director Jocelyne Saab who is invited by the Festival. Also the Lebanese Film The Bus (Bosta) by Philippe Aractingi. From Egypt Yaaqubian Building (Amaret Yaaqubian) and Free Times (Awkat Faragh). From Syria Under the Roof (Taht Essaqf) by Nidal Aldebes. From Yemen "New Day in the Ancient Sanaa" (Yaoum Jadid fi Sanaa al Qadeemah) by Bader Ben Hershi. From Tunisia Fleur DOubli by Salma Bakkar. From Iraq Dreams (Ahlam) by Mohammad Aldarraji, and from Palestine the film Waiting (Intithar) by Rashid Mashharawi.
  • Oscar 2006 for the Best Foreigner Film: The Palestinian Film Paradise Now (Aljanna Alaan) by Hani Abu Asaad has accomplished greet achievement being a candidate for the Oscar Prize of the best foreign language film. The Festival is going to screen all candidate films to the same prize, to give room to the Palestinian public to watch them.
  • Palestinian Revolutions Cinema: The Festival is going to pay tribute to a group of Palestinian and Arab filmmakers who highly contributed in the foundation of different categories of Palestinian Revolutions Cinema; in addition to screening a group of films produced during that period.
  • The Danish Director Larsen Von Tryeir: The Festival is going to introduce, to the Palestinian audience, the films of the Danish director Larsen Von Tryeir, who is well known by Dogma 95 style. A number of his films are going to be screened, such as: Manderlay, Dancer in the Dark, Breaking the Waves and Dogville.
  • Youssef Chahine: The Festival is going to honor the Egyptian global director Youssef Chahine through screening a group of his films, representing different stages of his cinematographic journey. It is good to mention that Misr International Films is ready to grant Al- Kasaba with all films of the director Youssef Chahine.

In addition to that, the Festival, funded by Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures, is going to carry out a discussion session about Palestine in the Cinema Book of Qais Alzubaidi, issued by Institute for Palestine Studies. Also organizes a meeting between the Lebanese director Jocelyne Saab and the Palestinian directors, in order to acquaint her experience in producing the Film Dunia. Al-Kasaba is also going to invite Ms. Aude Erenberk from Europa Cinema and Medscreen Program, in addition to organizing a workshop with the Palestinian Filmmakers to introduce them the Program and the common cooperation mechanisms.

Aiming at introducing the Palestinian cinema to the world, and to enhance the cultural dialogue and exchange by screening Palestinian films in Beirut, Amman, Berlin and Paris. Al Kasaba cooperates with Aljena productions in Lebanon, Royal Films Corporation in Jordan, German Goethe Institute and Cinema L'Atalante in France.

It is good to mention that the Festival is organized with the cooperation of numerous Palestinian artistic and cultural institutions, such as Institute for Jerusalem Studies, Khalil Al- Sakakinin Cultural Center, Ashtar Theater and Palestinian Audiovisual Project (A.M Qattan Foundation).

October 2006
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