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Al-kasaba Theatre and Cinematheque

Al-Kasaba Theatre and Cinematheque:

Al-Kasaba Theatre and Cinematheque is a specialized non-profit organization established in Jerusalem in 1970. In 2000 Al-Kasaba opened its new branch in Ramallah. Al-Kasaba aims at reviving, enriching and disseminating cultural life in Palestine through the production and hosting of art performances in music, theatre and dancing, as well as the screening of features and documentaries and organizing culture and art workshops and activities. Al-Kasaba targets Palestinian audiences, in general, and women, youth and children, in particular.

Board of Thrusters:

    • Ashraf Al-Ajrame    Chairman
    • Nujoud Abdo    Vise Chairman
    • Mohammad Saleh Al-Khalili
    • Khaled Elayyan
    • Ghassan Zaqatan
    • Nour Abdi
    • Mohammed Abu Zaid
    • Mahdi Al-Masri
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