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Al Kasaba International Film Festival
17-30 Nov 2007

After the big success of Al Kasaba International Film Festival 2006 Al Kasaba Theatre and Cinematheque- Ramallah is going to organize Al Kasaba international Film Festival II, between 17-30 Nov 2007.

The Opening Film ( Days of Glory) Directed by: Rashid Busharib, has won many international awads, in addtion it has been nominated to best forgin lanugae movie- Oscar 2007, also won a lot of awards in Cannes Film Festival 2006. The festival comes under hard political, economical and social conditions that the Palestinian people live because of the Israeli siege and aggressive actions against the Palestinian people.

In addition to the Cultural message, the festival also has a political message in its content through which we are going to open our cinema halls such as the airport Terminal when it open you can meet people from all over the World. It is clear that the cinema life in Palestine has improved and developed in the recent years, the Palestinian audience became more likely to watch films, and more interested in cultural institutions and organizations that screen films and organizes festivals and cinema weeks. Also the Palestinian cinema is now competing in the international festivals and has significant presence in the cinema world, several cinema clubs were founded at schools and cultural centers, and many young filmmakers and directors are working on films productions.

The festival will screen 35 recent produced feature, documentaries, and shorts films organized into different program sections.

European Cinema: 9 recently produced films will be screened from Different European Countries in cooperation with the European representative offices in palestine. Also the festival will screen films from different Asian and African countires, Al Kasaba participation in durban film festival- South Africa enabled signing agreements with the producers of the films in order to screen their films in the festival.

Films from South Africa, Mali, Benin, Senegal, Congo, Pakistan and India will be also screened in the Festival.

Also, there will be a major part for the Arab cinema throuth the cooperation with the Med Screen program.

Recent Films from Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and Palestine will be screen in the festival.

Get ready.... to live a marvious two weeks with Al Kasaba international film Festival For more information please call 02-296 5292\3