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Teatro Theater- Tunis
The Madman (Al-Majnoun)
Duration: 60 minutes
Starring: Nofal Al-Azzaza, Shakira Al-Ramah, Duha Al-Shawesh, Abeer Bou Adeela.
Written by: Jubran Khalil Jubran
Directed by: Toufic Al-Jabali
Light Design: Sabri Al-Atrous
Music: Najib Al-Shradi

Interior Design: Najib Al-Shradi
"Give me an ear, I give you a sound" He is called Jubran, is there anyone to listen? Let us read the text For some of the most revered and influential citizens, And some of the most humane people,On the hope that they would feel ashamed… for what they their cognizance…and consciousness has missed…

About the Group

Toufic Al-Jabali established Fada Al-Fan, Al-Ibtikar and Teatro, which was opened on 5 October 1987 with the play Muzakarat Dinasaur (Memoirs of a Dinosaur), based on Brecht's Conversations in Exile. Since that time, Al-Jabali has directed no less than 25 plays, with different artists according to the needs of the show.

Monday 13/4, Al-Kasaba Theatre and Cinematheque-Ramallah 7:00 pm

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