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Duration: 60 min
Actors: Khadije Nasser, Wahid…, Youssef Hvidtfeldt, Jesper Erland Christensen, Sora…

Director: Remi Lewerissa and Runi Lewerissa
Taskforce is a group of young Danish people of various backgrounds and offers on-site performances and inviting the audience to challenging debates afterwards. Taskforce is founded at C:NTACT and offer theatrical performances and discussions with the audience about personal dreams, thoughts, challenges and dilemmas performed countrywide.
It is a new untraditional contribution to the debate on integration of minorities, with equal shares of humour, seriousness and reflection and with a keen focus on integration, diversity and cultural issues.
Taskforce performs internationally as well as all over Denmark at schools, conferences, workplaces etc.

About the Company:

C:NTACT is founded at the Betty Nansen Theatre in 2004 developed as a platform for mainly adolescences to communicate their own personal stories through theatre, radio, journalism and documentaries regardless of religious and cultural backgrounds. Every year C:NTACT produces theatre plays, film documentaries, newspaper articles and radio programmes made by young Danes who all have a common interest in sharing their personal experiences on racism, family issues and cultural dilemmas etc. with a large number of audiences.

Saturday 11/4/2009 Al-Kasaba Theatre and Cinematheque – Ramallah 12:30 pm

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