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Al-Midan Theater
Duration: 60 minutes
Starring: Ghassan Abbas, Ali Suleiman, Hana Helou, Hasan Taha
Directed by: Munir Bakri
Written by: Based on Jean Paul Sartre's "Respectful Prostitute and Fathi Radwan's Mumis Tu'alifu Kitaban (A Prostitute Writes a Book).
Light Design: Firas Ruby
Music: Raymond Haddad

Decoration Interior Design: Ashraf Hanna
Sayida Muhtarama Jiddan (A Very Respectful Lady) is based on the two plays, "The Respectful Prostitute" by Jean Paul Sartre, and Mumis Tualif Kitaban (A Prostitute Writes a Book), by Fathi Radwan. In a racist society, in which reality is reversed so that the victim becomes the criminal and the offender becomes the victim, and people who possess the money and power determine who the master and who the slave is, who is white and who is black. A prostitute, who serves the masters of the society, finds herself victim of a conspiracy these masters plotted, and intended to use her against another innocent victim. The prostitute, in a desire to reprise against this corrupt society, unleashes her power, fighting a battle of force, money, and sex that reaped unexpected victims.

About the Group

Al-Midan Theater has been working in Haifa since 1995, and has produced so far 31 different productions, including comedy, drama, and tragedy. Al-Midan currently consists of more than 30 actors. Al-Midan receives financial support from the Ministry of Culture, and from Haifa Municipality, which provides them with free halls. Al-Midan is a national theater that performs in Haifa and all over the country.

Saturday 4\4 Al Kasaba Theatre and Cinematheque- Ramallah 7:00 P.M

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