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Theatre De Poche
My Name is Rachel Corrie
Duration: 45 min
Actress: Cecile Vangrieken
Director: Jasmina Douieb
Writer: Rachel Corrie adapted by Alan Rickman & Katheirne Viner
Light Designer: Xavier Lauwers
Music by: Nicolas Stroïnovsky

Set Designer: Olivier Wiame
What leads a young American Girl to come in Gaza between bulldozers and civilians houses? Rachel Corrie tells us her faith in a fair and interdependent humanity with poetry, tenderness and humor. « Theatre can't change the world. But what it can do, when it's as good as this, is to send us out enriched by other people's passionate concern » The Guardian

About the Company

The Theatre de Poche has been created in Brussels in 1951 by Roger Domani.
Since then, the Theatre has been convinced by the politic and social necessity of Theatre.
Under the impulse of his director, Roland Mahauden, the Poche has worked to widen the accessibility to culture and make our scene be the echo of the world with its inequalities, contradictions and transformations,...trying to make listen to those whose voices are not heard.

Thursday 2/4 Al-Kasaba Theatre and Cinematheque - Ramallah 7:00 pm
Friday 3/4 Dar Annadwa – Bethlehem 7:00 pm

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