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Ensemble Fringe Theater, Nazareth
Marra Ukhra Qissat Hubb (Once Again, A Love Story)
Duration: 75 minutes
Starring: Rabi' Khoury, Raheeq Haj Yehya-Suleiman, Ali Ali, Shaden Abu El-Asal, Hasan Taha, Mohammad Dabdoub, Dureid Leddawi.
Written and Directed by: Vladimir Granov.
Light Design: Assi Gutsman

Music: Ilana Iyohabuha.
The play is about a man and woman whose fate puts them together. He is a plastic artist, and she is a painter. They live in the same building, but in flats that have different entrances. The woman complains about the noise of the gavel and the man complains about the loud music. They meet once by coincidence outside the building, and admire each other, unaware that they are neighbors. This beautiful coincidence is the theme, around which several other stories revolve.

About the Group

A group of young creative youth established the theater with the support of Nazareth Municipality and the Department of Mass Centers, culture, sports, youth, within the framework of the "Cultural Lab" with the aim of supporting and strengthening creative institutions in Arab countries.

Wednesday 8/4 Al-Kasaba Theatre and Cinematheque-Ramallah 7:00 pm

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