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Allaz Theater
Al-Mughtariban (The Two Expatriates)
Duration: 75 minutes
Production: Allaz-Mazen Ghattas Theater
Written by: Slavomir Merojic
Preparation: Nabil Doha
Directed by: Munir Bakri
Starring: Ihab Salameh, Saleh Bakri
Music: Raymond Haddad
Lighting: Firas Ruby

Stenography: Nabil Doha
The play addresses the complex relationship involving psychological factors and social and cultural differences that arise in the events of one night of the life of two expatriates who suffer from boredom and isolation on the margins of a loud city. They live in this city as expatriates. The first seeks making money through hard work, on the hope that he will go back home, and the second searches, through his relationship with the first, for a homeland to which he cannot return.

About the Group

Mazen Ghattas established Allaz Theater in 1996. The first production was Tifl Annour (Child of the Light), based on Taher Wattar's Laylat Al-Qadr (The Night of Power). Allaz worked for several years as an itinerant theater, and then moved to its permanent premises in Akko in 2004. Mazen Ghattas, the founder and manager of Allaz died in 2005. His comrade and partner, Nabil Doha, currently manages Allaz.

Tuesday7/4 Al-Kasaba Theatre and Cinematheque-Ramallah 7:00 pm

Alrwah Theater
Shari' Fasadeddin (Mr. Corruption Street)
Duration: 60 minutes
Starring: Rasha Jahshan, Imad Al-Jaouni, Ala'a Abu Gharbiyeh, Atta Nasser, Husam Gosheh, Isma'il Al-Dabbagh.
Written by Stenography and Directed by: Isma'il Al-Dabbagh

Music Selection: Sa'id Murad Shari' Fasadeddin is a play that presents the drama, both tragedy and comedy, of living in occupied Jerusalem, as the people of the city watch their land being robbed underneath them and their history stolen from their memory. The courage of the script and direction is coupled with the spontaneity of the actors, who presented their own lives in occupied Jerusalem during a critical historic moment, before the occupation succeeded in transforming it to "Urushalim."

About the Group

Al Rwah Group emerged from the old neighborhoods of the heart of the city of Jerusalem, and embraced the concerns of the Palestinian people and their national cause. It excelled in a number of quality performances since its establishment in the late eighties. It also participated in various festivals and had many performances, exceeding two thousand performances, activities, and workshops in most cities, villages, and refugee camps of Palestine, especially in schools. Al Rwah Group relies on the actors' own resources, and has not received any support or funding from any party, because of its belief that theater is an act of change, and culture and creativity must maintain their independence.

Friday 3/4 Al-Kasaba Theatre and Cinematheque-Ramallah 7:00 pm

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